Wide Leg Pants

Hey Girl, Hey, I am back again to tell you about one of my favorite latest trends! If you read the title you know what it is; Wide Leg Pants!!!! I am so glade these pants have made their way back into style because I for one hate stuffing my chunky self into skinny jeans. Like Randy Jackson says “that’s gonna be a no from me dawg!” And who doesn’t like to feel free, comfortable, yet still being stylish and trendy!

Stylish at Any Size

I’ve been doing some digging on fashion in different sizes and I’m here to tell you … you are not the only one that hates going to the store and not finding something you like in your size. Whether it be too short or too long, to tight for comfort, or doesn’t fit at all. It shouldn’t be this hard to find stylish clothes that fits your body and sense of style! I for one, being a plus size girl that is also on the shorter side, have the worse time shopping. To be fair, these days there are a ton more stores now that are body inclusive than there used to be, but why isn’t every store!?

Fabulous at Any Age

Ok we all know everybody has their own opinion on what you should and should not wear at a certain age. For example, most people usually think older women, like your grandma’, should wear moomoos or oversized clothing and boring old orthopedic shoes. Well I’m here to tell you that women of any age should not be limited in what they have in their wardrobe. Why should older women have to conform to societies outdated standards on what they should wear? So, let’s talk about how you can rock current trends at any age!

A Journey To Your Personal Scent

Hey Girls!! I’m back again with some new insight for ya!! If you can’t tell, ya girl is supa excited to share this one. So in the last post I discussed the growing trend of Unisex Fragrances and the importance of having an inclusive scent. Now if you ain’t know, another growing trend is the use of Essential Oils; which is truly a beautiful thing! Mmhmm…

A Journey Towards Gender Neutral Perfumes

Hey girl, its me again. I wanted to talk to you about the increasing popularity of Gender Neutral scents and perfumes. Now, It is no secret that a person’s scent is the synonymous with their image & personality. My momma would tell me, “Girl! I could smell you coming.” Really all she was saying was that your scent or smell enters the room before you do.

Just a Quick Hello!

I’ve been hiding myself away and working on designing Fall 2019 that I almost forgot to post to the blog! I just wanted to give you an update on what has been happening behind the scenes…

Bamboo, the Wonder Fiber

Because of its luxurious softness, smooth hand, flowing and gentle drape, and easy price – at least compared with silk and cashmere – and eco friendly cachet, bamboo has gained entry throughout the fashion industry. Designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, and Agnes B have used this fabric for years now. Growing bamboo is a wonderfully beneficial plant for the planet and most is naturally organic bamboo. The manufacturing processes where bamboo the plant is transformed into bamboo the fabric are where the sustainability and eco-friendly luster of bamboo is tarnished because there are multiple ways of manufacturing this fiber and some of them include the use of the heavy chemicals, some of which are toxic. I make sure to only use bamboo fabrics that are made with the most ethical of manufacturing processes. Here’s the scoop.

What’s the What on MicroModal?

I invited you to email me your questions and you listened! Lol I have been getting a ton of emails a number of them having to do with why various fabrics are considered eco-friendly and sustainable. One of the ones on that list is Modal and MicroModal. So today we will explore what MicroModal is, how it’s made, and why is it so awesome?

Discovering Your Personal Color Palette Part 2: What is Your Season?

So now that we have figured out what your skin’s undertone is we can figure out what colors look stunning on you. Based on your hair and eye color we can define your look by seasons.

Discovering Your Personal Color Palette Part 1: What’s Your Skin Tone?

Have you ever noticed that some colors make your skin glow while in other colors you look chapped and ashy? Some make you shine while others wash you out? That has to do with your particular skin tone .…. Yup Read more…

Sustainability is the New Black Part 2: Recycling

We compost our food stuffs to fertilize the garden. We recycle paper, which gets turned into coffee filters. We recycle wood, which gets turned into plywood. We recycle plastic bottles, which gets turned into other plastic bottles, but what about textiles? 70 pounds per person of textiles goes into landfills each year. Only 15% get recycled. And with fast fashion retailers on the rise that number is growing!

What’s wrong with fast fashion? Hey, I love a good sale where I can pick up an outfit that is on fleek.

Sustainability is the New Black Part 1: Up-cycling

The topic of needing a more sustainable fashion industry is a big one. Fashion is second after the oil and gas industry in terms of global carbon emissions and it is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. With fast fashion companies, like H&M and Forever 21, producing way more than they can sell, 87% percent of the produced fashion will go into landfills or be incinerated. 87 percent! I was floored when I learned this!

the Tea on the Tie Necklaces

Ever since I had the accessories flash sale on my birthday I have been getting questions on who, what, where, when, why and how to wear the tie necklaces. So here is the tea.

Linen, the Everyday Fabric

Linen is an everyday easy-going fabric that you need in your closet! It is a light, airy, yet durable fabric that keeps you cool on these hot summer days. This fabric is made from the flax seed plant which is a natural raw material. It requires no chemicals to grow or to turn it into a wearable fiber thus making linen sustainable, organic, and great for our environment too.

the Sequins of Events

If I can recall the night correctly, I was laying in bed, probably playing dots and listening to Ari Lennox, when Stacy sent me a text and asked me to write a blog post about sequins. She tells me “It’s all over the runway; so you must cover it!” I know there was definitely more to that text, but all I could see was the word SEQUIN, like someone standing alone at a bar. It was like I had entered the land of forbiddenness of “never to talk about, never to look at”. I asked myself, ‘’Where do I even start with sequins?”And if you are one of those women, that was thinking what I was thinking, I wanna let you in on a few secrets that I learned about sequins.

Own Your Stripes

After a girl’s night of wine and incredible dish of garlic butter chicken we sat around the table discussing fashion trends. As I mentioned stripes in the conversation, it was like mentioning the ghost of Christmas past! Or your ex-boyfriend with the ugly sweater. I heard the countless views, concerns and misconceptions of the stripes and their body types. While walking home that evening I couldn’t help but wonder if stripes had become some sort of new fashion taboo.

After spending a few days of having Vouge Runway and The Aesthetik’s spring/summer 2019 collection for breakfast, I wanted to put an end to the stripe taboo.

Guess Who!?

I have been getting emails asking if everything is really handmade? The answer is yes, yes, and yes! I make the pattern for every design and I sew everything myself. When there are so many orders that I can’t sew it myself then I hire local seamstresses to help me out. Nothing is made in a factory! Everything is made once you place the order.

Sweet Versatility!!

When looking for a way to jumpstart your spring style, Eyelet does just the trick! In its most common form, this spring/summer classic is a traditional, breezy, light weight cotton fabric with a natural “air-conditioning” characteristic.

the Florals

Bold all over floral prints inspired by the 1960s have re-emerged on the fashion scene in both women’s and men’s fashion. We’ve seen everything from playful to sexy, mini flowers to exploding florals, and abstract to realistic. This is one trend that will have longevity and is not to be missed. the Aesthetik now has similar prints with bold details available now for the spring / summer!

Flirt Your Way Into Spring|Summer 2019 ……

Flirt your way into spring by adding one of our favorite runway trends to your wardrobe. Whether it’s cascading down your shoulders or spiraling around your hips; flounces and ruffles are the perfect way to make a statement on any body type.