Well hello there, I’m back again to bring you some positivity to lighten the mood revolving around the big bad 3 letter word. Age; and how it relates to fashion. Let’s dig in shall we!? Ok we all know everybody has their own opinion on what you should and should not wear at a certain age. For example, most people usually think older women, like your grandma’, should wear moomoos or oversized clothing and boring old orthopedic shoes. Well I’m here to tell you that women of any age should not be limited in what they have in their wardrobe. Why should older women have to conform to societies outdated standards on what they should wear? So, let’s talk about how you can rock current trends at any age!

Women have always been told what looks good on them at what age and what we shouldn’t be wearing at that age, but times have changed. Women and men alike are deciding what they want to wear despite historical societal norms. More, and more older women have been put in the spotlight for not only rocking current trends but also being trend setters! How do they do it? They are staying away from revealing clothing, pay close attention to fit, accessorize like crazy, and also experiment with patterns,textures and lots of color.

We have older bloggers like Lyn Slater (@iconaccidental) whom has become an “Accidental Icon” because of her fashion choices and the way she styles herself. She stated in an article with Refinery29 that “age is inevitable, and everybody gets old”, and what she hopes of doing is “offering an alternative to a stereotype.” (check out the full article here: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/lyn-slater-accidental-icon-interview) In the below images Lyn is rocking some really cool denim. In the first she took the ripped jeans and tee trend and styled it perfectly to fit her by layering it with a more sophisticated button down, thus making it perfect for business or pleasure. In the second she’s wearing a side laced bell bottom pant paired with a button down and some chunky sandals. The denim and sandals give the button up shirt that edge while still being age appropriate. This outfit is perfect for her or a lady of any age!

With revolutions going on with age and body acceptance today’s big brands are hopping on the trend train and is running over everything society has declared appropriate by putting older women and plus sized models on the runway. (We will talk about plus sizes next time around) As seen with Ozwald Boateng having model JoAni Johnson (@joanijohson6000) walk down the runway in a monochromatic moment. She radiated youth in a white high wasted pant letting people know that even at her age she can rock high waisted too! Although her outfit is flowing they still paid attention to the fit of the garment. By defining her waist this outfit brings a youthfulness to the look instead of trying to hide her figure. Recently Macy’s INC collaborated with Iris Apfel (@iris.apfel) for a collection because she a trendy stylish queen! This collection featured bright colors, crazy patterns, and bold accessories but also keeping the clothes less revealing so older women and young women alike can wear these designs. So no matter your age fashion is a trend anybody can follow.

So from famous fashion forward instagramable grandma’s to your everyday women fashion is for everybody. you can be as crazy or as laid back as you want. Age is but a number and fashion is meant to be about having fun … at any age. So let’s see more older women and menin crazier outfits. Go on! Experiment with patterns, colors, accessories, and fit! I for one would love to see my grandma’ rock a high wasted pattern pencil skirt, white tee, an overcoat, and some bomb sunnies!

Anyway, this is Madeline signing off until next time girlies.......

One of eleven children, Madeline Dodson is a Texas native who is the guru of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Having graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Design, she is an avid fashion illustrator, art and history buff that currently works as a freelance fashion designer for various labels in New York City.

30 septembre, 2019

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