What’s up! It's your girl Jelly and I am back with more trends for ya! Honestly, I can’t get enough of sharing; it’s like show and tell for fashion. Speaking of show and tell! Let’s talk about the hair accessory trends that have been driving the internet buck wild. I am absolutely obsessed with all the throwback trends from the 80’s and the 90’s, also the new take on old styles.

Let’s talk about Scrunchies baby! (and yes I sang that as I was typing). This accessory is a trend visit from the past. So all you ladies that have a love for 80’s or 90’s crazes, this is the perfect trend to try out. The revitalized scrunchie trend has brought the accessory back with a super chic feel. Seeing all the new ways to style the scrunchie makes me wanna go buy a couple and try out a look or two or three.

I am living for the high pony look; which can be styled with a crop tee, high waist sweats and some cute heels. Another look is a high fishtail braid with the chunky scrunchie; this look can be either a day or night look. The last look is the low ponytail with the scrunchie, this is probably one of my favorite looks, because it can be minimalist yet super sleek. Overall the scrunchie trend is all about the way it is styled. Up, down or some where in between it screams effortless chic.

I have always loved Barrettes and Bobby pins as a small girl and even now as a trendy young woman; thus this trend will always be my favorite. I really love how the trend has transitioned over time to a more mature look and feel. The styling of this trend that mainly caught my eye were the floral barrettes and the use of multiple pins. You can create a contemporary high fashion look with the multiple pins for a night out or a classic look with pearl barrettes. The main idea is the more delicate the pin the more you need. The chunkier the barrette the less you need. Stick with that and you can't go wrong rocking' either.

Before discovering the modern ways to wear the headband, I would have made a face at the idea of wearing one. It was just too safe of a hair accessory for me. But recently, the Headband trend has evolved into something both chic and contemporary. The new statement style of headband has created more outfits to rock it with vs the previous "I didn't feel like doing my hair" look.

In the first look she has styled a soft pink chunky headband with a light blue tee and mid-length skirt. Keeping the look cute and quirky. The second look, the girls have a casual oversized street look styled with the headband. The looks are a gorgeous off set of the masculine and feminine silhouettes amped with the headbands. The third look is more of a contemporary street look, she's rocking a belt as a headband. I am excited at the idea of taking my street style to the next level with a makeshift headband; it keeps things interesting. Whether it's dressing up a look, keeping it casual or rocking out with the squad, I love having options and versatility while accessorizing.

Last, but not least are the crazy Statement Hair clips that make it easier for you to say exactly how you feel without flexing one lip muscle! Statement clips are just that, bold by themselves so you can style down with a cute blouse, jeans and a heel. Or you can style up your look with a blazer and sleek trousers . They honestly make for the perfect show stopper when trying to make heads turn.

Like always I encourage you guys to check out the articles used to research this topic. Research is beautiful, curiosity is how we further our creativity in the fashion world. So check out the links below!





This is ya girl Jelly signing off, until next time!

Jelicia Lloyd lives in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, but her mind and creativity are always in tune with exotic places where fashion happens. She is a recent fashion graduate who freelances as a patternmaker and blog writer to further her career in fashion.

10 mars, 2020

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