by Jelicia Lloyd

If I can recall the night correctly, I was laying in bed, probably playing dots and listening to Ari Lennox, when Stacy sent me a text and asked me to write a blog post about sequins. She tells me “It's all over the runway; so you must cover it!” I know there was definitely more to that text, but all I could see was the word SEQUIN, like someone standing alone at a bar. It was like I had entered the land of forbidden-ness of “never to talk about, never to look at”. I asked myself, ‘’Where do I even start with sequins?”And if you are one of those women, that was thinking what I was thinking, I wanna let you in on a few secrets that I learned about sequins.

Speaking from experience, when someone mentions sequins, the first thing that pops in your mind is “da club” or “cocktail hour”. So you automatically put it in the mental style box for dressing up. Not gonna lie, that would intimidate someone who’s just tryna live her life with style and with the occasional outfit risks; but that’s okay girl I gotchu. I asked some of my friends for some guidance, “Girl, how would YOU wear sequins?’’ The majority of them agreed that sequin pieces are statement pieces and can easily become too much if you over style it. So first things first, how does one style a sequin outfit? My girl, Bri, and I agree and we call it “going back to the basics”; by pairing solid color non-shiny pieces around the sequin piece. You don’t want to look like a disco ball by wearing head toe sequins. Wearing an outfit that's based AROUND a sequin piece will help you create a look that will slay all day.

And what if you do want to slay … during the day!? Sequins can be your best friend; just like those beat up chuck taylors. Cocktail hour be damned! Just like you paired your statement sequin skirt with a nonshiny knit top and oversized blazer for going out, do the same for casual outings. Pair sequin shorts with your favorite well loved band tee and some sneakers. Or a cropped sweatshirt a la Beyonce at Cochella with a sequin pencil skirt and some thong sandals and BAM, you’ve got a look casual enough for brunch or strolling thru Cenral Park.

Before we go any further and talk about fit, let’s hit on the TYPE of sequin; that’s important too. Scaly color changing sequins are OUT! There is absolutely no more Little Mermaid or under the sea inspired sequins this season. But solid and patterened sequins are SO in right now. And not only is solid in this season, but they are appearing in a ton of bright fun colors. I am also seriously in love with texture that solid sequins create, super easy on the eye, and it will for sure add some blahdamn to your style. Keep a look out for solid sequins with a matte finish. They have have a bit of elegance and hide figure flaws well since they don’t reflect as much light as regular sequins. Therefore making it easy for you to walk into a room and bless everyone there with your presence.

Now for the important part. This is where I’d like to address my friends that do not have model bodies. My bottylicous babes, my curvy cohorts, my pear shaped Polinas, and my thin Lizzies. Don’t worry baby girls, I didn’t leave you out! Let’s go from the top down. If you are busty or carry your weight in your tummy try the Parker Sequin Pencil Skirt with the Crinkle Graffiti V-neck Tee. The sequins will draw the eye downward and help to balance out your shape. Are you pear shaped and carry a bit of weight thruout your hips? Pair the Sweatheart Sequin Tank, a jean jacket, and your favorite knit capris. This will draw your eye up and make you look busiter while deemphasizing your hips. Don’t have many curves over all? Then double up. Rock the Sweatheart Sequin Tank with the Stehpanie Shorty Shorts or the Valerie Sequin Swing Skirt. The sheer mesh will break up your silhouette in the right places. Making your bust and hips more accentuated and giving you the curves you’ve always wanted.

I hope you were all able to learn as much as I did about sequins. Remember this, no matter what you look like, no matter what shape or color, within every one of us lies a goddess. And that goddess has a desire to slay. She can and will slay all day! And until next time, I gotchu!

From the Middle of Nowhere, Texas with love …. and now rocking sequin shorts with chuck taylors and a tee,


Jelicia Lloyd lives in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, but her mind and creativity are always in tune with exotic places where fashion happens. She is a recent fashion graduate who freelances as a blog writer to further her career in fashion.

01 juillet, 2019

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