Hello Ladies, how are ya? How ya doing? Let’s talk about accessories for a quick second. Any outfit is just an outfit but what brings that outfit over the top? ACCESSORIES! My favorite go-to accessory for fall is a belt! As the title states, belted truly is better. Accessories are meant to set the mood for your ensemble, whether it’s formal or casual. Belts are great because they come in so many wonderful colors, textures, sizes, and shapes!

Adding that bit of detail that will set your outfit apart from others. Wanna take it over the top? Add a belt. Wanna a little extra metal? Add a belt...(wait for it)...WITH CHAINS! I recently made an investment in my first chained belt *insert sigh*, possibly my favorite accessory in all of my wardrobe. It literally screams Rock & Roll. Now, it doesn’t go with everything, but it does go great with a pair of leather pants/ leggings and a killer top. With a belt that extreme, you have to be careful not to over due the wow factor in your overall outfit. THE BELT IS YOUR WOW FACTOR! So razzle, dazzle, strut and shine! Here are some of favorite belted looks I’ve done this year ...

Fall/Winter 2019/2020 is full of versatile belted ensembles. The fashion accessory is being shown by major design houses with a wide range of display. Whether it’s belting a dress or, my favorite, a statement blazer to create that extra boss babe vibe. Honestly have ever you seen a power suit belted with perfection? *inserts heart eyes and mouth watering emoji*. Versace is known for their extravagant and gaudy garments, so it’s no surprise they took to the trend, with what? A M.F. POWERRR SUIT!

An iconic black adorned suit paired with double embellished belts at the waist. Nothing Versace does is simple, what more could we ask for!

Zimmerman’s Fall/Winter 2019 runway took the opportunity to add a touch of edge to their layered laced detailed dresses with a textured statement belt, perfect for showing off that figure; not taking away from the beautiful design but instead enhancing it.

The same can be said for Elie Saab’s Fall 2019 collection. AGAIN WITH THE POWER SUIT! I’m telling you, it’s a whole mood! Instead of the traditional black suit, Saab paired a wide black and gold metal belt at the waist with a beautiful black and gold embroidered blazer with sleeve detail that is to die for! The same styled belt can also be seen with a gold and black embroidered dress. Same print and design but different silhouette. Showing off the versatility of The Belt.

Designers everywhere are adapting to the trend, so get on board or get left behind! The Aesthetik’s new Fall 2019 collection pairs a button down shirt with a unique asymmetrical matte leather belt at the waist. What’s better than a belt buckle? A freaking HOOK! Priced at $45, this belt is sure to rock your next me one of kind outfit with a one of its kind belt! Sign me up! Seriously!

If your questioning body shape in comparison for how to wear and find the perfect belt, I’m here to help you girl because I believe every and any girl can pull off this look. So look no further sistah! For those of us with hour glass figures or pear shape figures, your friend will forever be the thick wide belts, bringing attention to that killer waist and showing off those curves. Women with an apple shape, go for a classic belt size with a unique print, perfect to pair with jeans for that extra flare to your outfit. And for my sistahs with a rectangle shape, thin belts are your best friend! Whether it’s a silver snake skin print, neon colored or tradition with a statement buckle, a thin belt will compliment your shape and style perfectly. Now, Style is always subjective, so wear what you want but most importantly what makes you feel most beautiful!

Body Shape Chart

As you can see, I AM A FAN! Belted is better? Understatement of the fall fashion season! If I could pair a belt with every outfit, I would! Due to the widespread trend of the accessory, more retail stores are offering more belted designs other than the ol’ rag & tag thin belts. Don’t get me wrong, the thin belts are great too but Fall/ Winter 2019 is about making a statement, as is any season in Fashion. I literally just bought a new belt yesterday, because one can neva have enough! So whether it’s a chain belt, fringed, embellished, metal or adorned with studs, go head girl, get that thang and show off that killer figure (but make it fashion)! So say it with me: BELTED IS BETTER! BELTED IS STELLAR! Lets go out there and make a statement, be different, and stand out!

Taylor a.k.a Tay

Taylor Weaver is a lover of all forms of art and is passionate about fashion. She is currently a student of higher learning working towards her masters in museum studies. She is also an animal lover who’s spirit animal is a fluffy white Mini Pom named Pippa.

04 november 2019

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