Knotted Crystal Tie Necklace

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Each silk tie is a one-of-a-kind statement piece. This upcycled vintage tie has been hand formed and decorated with rare 1950’s rhinestone findings, delicate Swarovski crystal beads and velvet ribbon. The rhinestone findings have been finished to ensure against future aging and loss of rhinestones. Each bead is hand knotted to make for an exceptionally sturdy, yet beautiful, strand.

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1 review for Knotted Crystal Tie Necklace

  1. Lancia S

    For people like me who seek more fashion-forward, original pieces to accessorize, the Tie Necklaces speak to stepping out of the comfort zone and putting oneself forward with one bold stroke. Plain black doesn’t cut it for me anymore; the second I laid eyes on my one-of-a-kind tie necklace, I knew I needed it. I can go basic black anytime I want and take my look to the limit without sacrificing comfort, style, or fashion. Scoff all you want, but I’m wearing a Kenneth Cole tie with up-cycled 1920’s Art Deco and 1940’s costume jewelry. It is a piece of bold art that renews a commitment, to a lot of us who appreciate it, the fashionable past.

    I’m getting ready to turn 50, and I feel fresh and more than capable of standing with and above the younger crowd wearing this design. Very few accessories pack this much originality and power for such an amazing price.

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