Throughout time sleeves have been the gate way into the heart of the women’s personal style. Taking it back, way before #throwbackthursday, sleeves have influenced our runways in many ways. Always paying homage, Stacy added her own spin to these modern classics.

Giving you sassy romantic vibes, the Nicki Crop Dolman Sweater pays homage to the Leg of Mutton sleeve. While the Jess Backless Hoodie in Tribeca Blue and the Lantern Sleeve Sweater are reminiscent of another 18th century favorite; the bishop sleeve. These European inspired sleeves have lots of fullness. The Leg O'Muttton sleeve (as seen on the Nicki Crop) is full in the bicep area and fitted around the forearm and the wrist. Thus the Bishop sleeve (as seen on Lantern and Jess) can be comeletly full starting from the shoulders or beiceps and cuffed tightly creating a spilling effect over the wrist. During the 18th century it is said that one sleeve could hold up to 2 yards of fabric. Can you imagine being in a 2 yard sleeve in the middle of traffic hour!? Grab your favorite novel before you jump on the subway because these sleeves are all about the drama; just like the great Shakespeare.

Isabella Marant Resort 2020

The sleeve on the Divine Feather dress is for the bold babe. This kimono inspired sleeve dates back to Japan’s Heian Period (794 AD). This look is given an ecentric modern twist with cruelty-free feathers embelished on the sleeve hems. Taking this traditonal look to the modern night life of the New York City streets. The cut off length of this sleeve is a great way to bring attention to your waist and the Aesthetik always has your back by offering sizes 2- 14 without any customization fees. She'll make sure to always keep you snatched sis!

Another variation of this dramatic sleeve detail is found in a puff sleeve design on the Tripple Dart Feather Top. Wear this slightly turned down version for an fun artsy vibe to the office with a nice pair of wide leg slacks. This sleeve is classic of all classics and just the right amount of skin to keep it sexy.

Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2020

Whether you want to pay tribute to our classic sleeve ancestors or make a bold statmenent this fall remember to remain authenticlly you by wearing your Aesthetik.

-Meow M.S.

Maira Sanchez is a New York City transplant by way of Texas. She is a budding fashion designer that has a ridiculous obsessive love of cats … even though she is deathly allergic.

October 28, 2019

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