by Maira Sanchez

Alexander Vauthier SS 2019

Flirt your way into spring by adding one of our favorite runway trends to your wardrobe. Whether it's cascading down your shoulders or spiraling around your hips; flounces and ruffles are the perfect way to make a statement on any body type.

Rodarte SS 2019

Use the ruffle trend to accentuate your favorite curves. If you have a small bust with wider set hips, consider your ruffle placement at the neckline to give an illusion of a fuller bust. Perfect for staying low key on a lunch date by pairing a romantic flounce top with a fitted jean.

Louis Vuitton SS 2019

Carry a little extra weight in your mid-section? I struggle with this myself and suggest adding ruffles at the shoulders or on sleeves to emphasize your bust area and deemphasize the waist area thus creating more of an hourglass silhouette. Or try a ruffle peplum around the waist to help conceal any unwanted attention to your midsection. This will give the appearance of smaller waist while still feeling flirty, trendy and confident.

Anais Jourden SS 2019

Most importantly this trend is all about femininity; so what better way to turn up the volume on a girl’s night out by showing off those alluring curves and wearing the ruffle around your knees in a pencil skirt. This look will help balance out any curvaceous silhouette.

the Aesthetik SS 2019

This trend can be found at every price point making it the most diverse element in your haul this season. Here at the Aesthetik we provide you with a sustainable version of this trend that is flattering on all body types. Stay bold, flirty and fresh this spring by shopping this trend at the Aesthetik.

-meow, M.S.

Maira Sanchez is a New York City transplant by way of Texas. She is a budding fashion designer that has a ridiculous and obsessive love of cats … even though she is deathly allergic.

May 27, 2019

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