Hey Girl! It’s your favorite quirky girl Jelly! Not to be extra, but I love the Fall/Winter season. I love warm drinks. I love cozy sweaters and I love the cold weather, because I love to bundle up in my favorite sweaters and layer like a fiery coat. But sometimes layering is a challenge in itself, that’s why between trial-and-error and the interwebs I have learned the best ways to create the perfect layered look without looking bulky.

Jackets and coats for the winter season is crucial but they can make or break a look. If it’s too bulky it can make you look like the Michelin Man. If the jacket is too light you will look like a sausage stuffed into its casing. First focus on how heavy or light your first layer is, whether it be a dress or an actual blouse. You want to go light weight to medium, to heavy. The thinner the fabric the better the heavier weight fabric will look on top of it.

When creating a layered look with bottoms focus on the overall structure and fit. Fitted bottoms can be styled either way, with thinner flowy jackets or thicker puffer coats. Try a knee length tweed short layered over cable knit leggings and vintage combat boots with leg warmers. Top this off with a crepe button down, under a plaid cashmere vest, a sequin scarf and oversized trench coat. Done and Done! Don’t be afraid to go thicker or patterned with your leggings when layering; they are your base after all!

One new thing I’ve been playing around with it the layered dress or tunic look. It has become one of my favorite go to looks for the fall/winter season. The look is super cheek and elegant, that will not weigh you down. When layering the dress or tunic you want to initially focus on exactly what shape looks good on your body type. If you are a little more curvy consider layering a dress that can be belted or that is fitted at the waistline and flares out as it gets to the hemline. If you are on the slimmer side try an oversized dress or tunic. Add dimension to this look by pairing a low neckline sleeveless dress with a high neck long sleeved shirt underneath. You get additional points if they are in contrasting patterns or colors! Add a pair of leggings or wide leg pants and BAM! The ultimate layered look has been achieved.

You really can’t go wrong with layered looks, the main thing it to find what you are most comfortable with and run with the ideas you have to create your desired looks. I really enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned about layering with you ladies! Until next month! It’s ya girl Jelly, bundled with effortless style and saying see ya’ later!

Jelicia Lloyd lives in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, but her mind and creativity are always in tune with exotic places where fashion happens. She is a recent fashion graduate who freelances as a patternmaker and blog writer to further her career in fashion.

January 27, 2020

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