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Let me tell you, I have to give props to my blog writers because THIS IS HARD! Lol. I know what I want to write about but I’m not the best at figuring out how to start and how not to sound like a dork. But, whatever :-)P

Ever since I had the accessories flash sale on my birthday I have been getting questions on who, what, where, when, why and how to wear the tie necklaces. So here is the tea.

Who does this style look good on: Anyone! I have customers in their 20s, 30s, 40, and 50s who rock these necklaces. It is an all around easy to wear statement necklace. They instantly “make” the outfit.

What do you wear it with: What I do is pair mine with a contrast color shirt or tank top, then throw on some jeans and voila. Some of my customers will go the all black route and then pair it with a blazer or jean jacket. You can also do the super sophisticated way and pair it with a white button down shirt …. collar turned up of course ;-)

When do you wear it: day or night

Where do you wear it: Anywhere. I am also a professor of fashion and I wear mine to school. Some of my customers wear them to work and others wear them out for cocktails or to art openings.

Why do you wear it: Because you don’t want to be caught wearing the same necklace as someone else at the party

How do you clean it: I hand wash mine in the sink with oxy clean or mild detergent. Let dry and then iron if it’s wrinkled.

How do you wear it: With style and confidence!

Also, I recently asked one of my long time customers to write a review for her tie necklace. What I got back was A.MAZ.ING! I was truly flattered and wanted to share it with you!

Lancia rocking her Pearl Tie Necklace

“Accessories add distinctive value to anyone’s wardrobe. A man’s black suit becomes armor with the right watch and the famous “power tie.” The tank top and pencil skirt stays humble until a thick belt goes around the waist and sparkling bangles adorn the wrist. But for people like me who seek more fashion-forward, original pieces to accessorize, the Tie Necklaces by the Aesthetik speak to stepping out of the comfort zone and putting oneself forward with one bold stroke. Plain black doesn’t cut it for me anymore; the second I laid eyes on my personal tie, I knew I needed it. I can go basic black anytime I want and take my look to the limit without sacrificing comfort, style, or fashion. Scoff all you want, but I’m wearing a Kenneth Cole tie with up-cycled 1920’s Art Deco and 1940’s costume jewelry. It is a piece of bold art that renews a commitment, to a lot of us who appreciate it, the fashionable past. Additionally, the ties have multiple colors and patterns that can easily be paired with purses and earrings; I can start with the tie and work my way outward. I’m getting ready to turn 50, and I feel fresh and more than capable of standing with and above the younger crowd wearing this design. Very few accessories pack this much originality and power for such an amazing price.” Lancia S.

There ya have it. That is the tea on the tie necklaces! If you have ANY questions feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email to stacy@theAesthetik.com.

Until next time; Stay runway ready my friends. Much love, Stacy

Stacy Williams is the owner and designer of the Aesthetik. After many years of working in the NYC fashion industry, she relocated back to her home state of Texas and is now a professor of fashion. She lives in a quiet Houston suburb with her husband, a naked dog, a buff colored tabby cat, and lots of plants.

July 15, 2019

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