Hey Girl, Hey, I am back again to tell you about one of my favorite latest trends! If you read the title you know what it is; Wide Leg Pants!!!! I am so glade these pants have made their way back into style because I for one am tired of stuffing my chunky self into skinny jeans. Like Randy Jackson says “that's gonna be a no from me dawg!” And who doesn’t like to feel free and comfortable while still being stylish and trendy!

YOU NEED WIDE LEG PANTS!!! Sorry for the all caps but YOU. NEED. THEM. ladies… you need them in every color, pattern, style, fit, and you also need the embellished ones too. Now wide leg pants come in many different styles, ie: Culottes, Paper Bag, Palazzo, and so many more. Culottes are calf length and can come close fitting which flatters your amazing figure or you can get them voluminous. Fun fact: Culottes started as a garment for men worn my aristocrats and by the military. These pants are easy to style with the emphasis being on your waist you can rock a crop top or slim fit blouse to balance the volume of the pant, add accessories and a cute shoe then you’re ready to take the town! Paper Bag Pants are fun and edgy pair to wear, the reason behind the name is the fabric on top of the waistband crumbles up like a paper bag. The pants can be worn with just about anything. When I buy a pair, and that is totally happening this weekend, I will wear them with a cami and cardigan. Palazzo pants are women's trousers cut with a loose, extra wide leg that flares out from the waist. They are easy to wear and super comfy!

I suggest spending your paycheck on wide leg pants because obviously you need them if I haven’t made this clear yet, for every day of the week and every event ever! So let me help you get started on finding some great pairs for your new all wide leg pant wardrobe. I hope before reading this you took a look at the Aesthetik’s Fall/Winter 2019 line, because oh baby it’s beautiful and she’s has all your wide leg pant needs and so much more! From a pair of charmeuse satin Faith Feather Cuff Pant, to the Grace Stripe Wide Leg Pant, and to the most comfortable everyday pair of high waisted High Waist Polina Knit Pant! In addition, I hope you remembered from my last blog that you could get them customized to fit you perfectly, so there is no excuse for not grabbing a pair and rocking them everywhere.

Ok, so you’re probably thinking where’s your runway trend research on wide leg pants?! Well here it is; get ready to have your mind blown! Rebecca Taylor debuted her Fall 2019 ready-to-wear collection in New York and let me tell you she out did herself; her collection featured tons of high waisted trousers fit for a queen. Anna Sui collection graced the runway and oh, man was it a show stopper. Some of her pieces included flowy pants in bright colors, patterns, and embellishments such as feathers! Dolce & Gabbana’s runway show had some great pieces many including beautifully cuffed wide leg pants in twill and brocade fabrics. And this is only few of sooo many that featured wide leg pants. I wish I could list them all for you but unfortunately this is not a book, and honestly who has the time. So hopefully by now I have talked you into buying at least 7 pairs of wide leg pants, one for each day of the week, obviously!

So when you see your mom, sister, girlfriend, or the woman across the way wearing skinny jeans don’t hesitate to tell her what she’s doing wrong in her life by shoving herself into a torture device instead of wearing a pair of wide leg pants. Then send her our way for all her Fall wardrobe needs! (insert Pic 4,5,6)

This is Madeline; signing off until next time.

One of eleven children, Madeline Dodson is a Texas native who is the guru of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Having graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Design, she is an avid fashion illustrator, art and history buff that currently works as a freelance fashion designer for various labels in New York City.

October 14, 2019

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