I rushed to snap in my mini Gucci cocktail dress. All while managing to put on my last few touches of red lipstick and my essential body oil, Elusive by the Aesthetik, before my friend Drew and the uber driver honked outside for the 3rdtime. We were on the way to the city; where the lines between what you know and who you know are forever blurred. We were meeting up with Paul and his friends; whoever Paul was, I was on a mission to meet him! They were going to introduce us to someone who had exclusive seats to one of the biggest events in the country. New York Fashion week! The only place in the world where exclusivity could be even more exclusive and after parties have after-after parties.

A few glasses of wine later, now in Dumbo, Brooklyn, I sat in front row of one of NY’s most exclusive independent runways. Still no sign of the infamous Paul which I’m starting to think could be the ghost of The Great Gatsby. A good’ol fashion classic was making its way to me and indeed caught my eye.

The last time we saw the Variegated, also known as the barcode stripe, was in 2016 spring summer runway. It has come back and made an extravagant impression on the way we wear stripes this fall.

Fall 2019/Winter 2020

The barcode trend is known for its different sized stripes placed very closely together or far apart.

Jean Paul Gaultier
Fall 2019/Winter 2020

Jean Paul Gaultier F/W2020 created its own mystical twist of the barcode trend on its runway. Having the lines so close together, it follows the curves of the body and creates a slimming yet wearable optical illusion.

the Aesthetik has taken this come back trend and has transformed it with strategically placed stripes. This is a fresh new vibe of the barcode trend. She mixes the Avant-guard and classic runway inspo to create the perfect recipe for the Variegated trend this season. The juxtaposing of the stripes on the pencil skirt and trousers makes it the most flattering for every body type. The combination of vertical and horizontal lines allows you to show off the most flattering parts of your body while creating an optical illusion on the areas you don’t want attention on. The vertical lines elongate your body for a slimmer physic; while the horizonal flatters your curves. (For more info on how to wear stripes for your body type check out my previous blog post ... Own Your Stripes)

This look is the perfect way to stand out in the office while remaining office appropriate. Pair the pencil skirt or trouser with a solid color blouse at the office and make things hot on a girl’s night out by pairing it with the matching crop top and a smokey eye. This look is for those unapologetic Queens. Sis you will command all eyes on you!

-Meow MS.

P.S. I met Paul for dinner the next night.

Maira Sanchez is a New York City transplant by way of Texas. She is a budding fashion designer that has a ridiculous obsessive love of cats … even though she is deathly allergic.

21 octubre 2019

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