the Aesthetik
the Aesthetik is a labor of love by Stacy Williams
“what makes us DIFFERENT is what makes us BEAUTIFUL“

T H E  W H O

She cultivated her career as a fashion creator with 15 years of experience in the New York fashion industry – where, as a college graduate, she landed armed only with her portfolio and $500. Anna Sui, Macy’s INC and Susana Monaco are just two of the labels she worked for before founding her brand.

T H E  W H A T

Quality handmade ready-to-wear with attitude created to inspire self-love and self-expression.

Stacy creates every collection with intent. Each the Aesthetik collection offers a range of silhouettes that enhance all body shapes and a curated color palette complimenting a spectrum of skin tones; all of which work with the basics in your current wardrobe and can be styled in multiple ways to express your individuality. Funk it up or dress it down. Each individual piece makes a statement. No matter what you grab from your closet you look stunning; no basic betties here.

The sister line, the Pleasure Aesthetik offers clothing to be worn while enjoying the more exotic lifestyle. From swimwear, and lingerie, to club and festival wear. Each collection is size inclusive and empowers body positivity.

T H E  H O W

Ethically sourced, sustainably made, and currently handmade by me. As the brand grows the Aesthetik will tap into local artisans and experts to retain the quality of construction. The fabrics used range from natural organic fibers to recycled man-made fibers; while furs and feathers are harvested cruelty-free. Most fabrics used will have some sort of stretch to ensure a good fit. Enjoy accessories that are often one-of-a-kind and upcycled from gently loved antiques. All items are handmade and delivery can take from 1-2 weeks, but Stacy is very good at sending order progress updates and making sure items arrive in time for a special occasion.

T H E  W H E N

Annually one seasonless collection is released, with individual pieces added throughout the year, including exclusive and limited edition items. Seasonless means that the collection will contain items that can be styled and worn during multiple seasons. Therefore you don’t have to buy a new wardrobe every season in order to work with what you already have in your closet. This is the opposite of low-quality fast fashion.

T H E  W H Y

Being an LGBTQ alt-afro woman of indigenous Mexican descent, Stacy has the curves of an ethnic woman. For so many shopping for clothes is a frustrating and disheartening experience but with the Aesthetik it is not. Stacy offers low-cost adjustments to ensure the perfect every time and personalized styling if you can’t find something to fit your body shape or style. Clothes are worn by everyone and the process of getting dressed should be an enjoyable creative mode of expression and this is why she became a designer. With the Aesthetik shopping is enjoyable and easy. No matter what you grab you know you will always look fabulous.

Slow fashion is not just a trend to Stacy, but something she believes in and practices. We are stewards of the planet and should engage in ethical and sustainable practices and with the Aesthetik you can indulge your love of fashion while knowing you are doing something good for the planet. Often organic clothing is frumpy and dull but not with the Aesthetik because life is too short to wear boring clothes.