Cobalt Blue a color with history as rich as its hue. This color traces as far back as the ancient Egyptians. However, it wasn’t until 1777 when it officially became a part of the English language. If that isn’t peculiar enough the pure pigmentation of cobalt blue was not discovered until 1802, by Louis Jacquse Thenard, which is where Cobalt Blue gets the nick name Thenard Blue from.

This color like many colors has its own personality, colbalt blue has a strong spiritual representation and is linked to freedom, intuition, trust, loyalty, intelligence and love and is belived to keep the bad spirits away in ancient religions.

Cobalt Blue has made a regal appearance this season, from the Aesthetik to Givenchy.

Be free and wear this color trend as a statement piece. Givency dispalyed this pigment in a vivid leather trench coat paired with a muted cigirette trouser and a a black leather blet, this look a perfect on a rainy day to the office.

the Aesthetik Fall / Winter 2019

Ditch the trench coat and throw on this layering cutie. A plunging back mini dress or a strikingly low back sweater. Not only will this color look wonderful on your complexion but it will also help with your creativity flow and promote communication; cobalt blue it a great color to have around your workspace or around your home.

Find the cobalt to be too bold for you? Use this color and channel your intuitive side by wearing it as an accent piece. Work your favorite classic look and reap all the benefits of this color throughout your day by incorporating it in a subtle but fashionable way such as a scarf.

From the runway to your closet. Stay on trend and woke this fall by feeding your aura a bit of the blues. Wear your Aesthetik, your way.

P.S. - Still not sure about feeling the Blues? Check out more images from the runway.......



Maira Sanchez is a New York City transplant by way of Texas. She is a budding fashion designer that has a ridiculous obsessive love of cats … even though she is deathly allergic.

11 noviembre 2019

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