I saaaaaid.....brrr *clap clap* it’s cold in here, sweaters, booties, leggings, that’s what imma wear. I said brr *stomp stomp*, just kidding. Sistah’s, it’s ya girl here, I’ve returned to tell you all about the best time of year for fashion: FALL/ WINTER. YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME that this ain’t the season of TRUE fashion! Some people might think blah to cold weather fashion or that it’s just too cold to be cute but honey, darling, baby girl, let me redirect your view cause you can’t say no to comfy and fashionable layers. Fall/winter services to a multitude of fabric choices, dark colors combinations, LAY- ERS, boots, boooooots galore! And so much more. Also we’re in that time of year where everyone thinks it’s spring but it’s just winter with the sun (at least it is in Texas) so you can arguably throw on a spring blouse in conjunction with your winter wear to add some pep in your step buuut for now let’s just focus on the core of how to look goooooood in da cold.

There can be many categories to prepare yourself for during this time. I’m talking: what to wear to the office, what to wear to your local bar, what to wear when chillin’ with your crew, or even what to wear for date night. Let this be your cold weather look survival guide. Call me Dora from Dior cause I’m here to help you navigate through the trenches of fashion sis.

Let us, start by addressing what to wear in a casual setting. The trend I’ve noticed that is up and coming and cozy yet still fashion forward are maxi sweater dresses. This will give you the ultimate comfort. Perfect to pair with a bootie or Dino Stompers (chunky sneaks). Now you can wear this look to meet up with your gal pals for midday mimosas or even errand runs, either way, slay the snow in this look. For my Sistah’s in the North you could also layer it with a puff jacket for extra warmth. Mix up the colors of both dress and jacket to bring an extra pop and zazz. Another great look that can be translated into the casual category then transformed into other occasions, is the power of a leather jacket. So let me paint the picture for you. Leather jacket, A-line dress, thigh high boot and think printed scarf. We just turned night into the day honey, good for quick office meeting, brunch with the girls, then a glass of wine witch’yo man *snap!*. OR if you’re not into dresses, no prob! Leather jacket, loose (or tight, it’s all about your preference girl) jeans, oversized button up collar shirt, killer booties, and an off colored scarf. BAM! We walking the streets in style! To better assist you with the greatness that is a leather jacket, let’s face our attention to Exhibit A. Snakeskin black leather jacket from Rebecca Taylor 2019. The designer paired this waist tied jacket with a loose fitted black jean and a high neck multi colored snake printed top. The colors in the print are perfect for a Fall/Winter color palette. If you don’t own anything snake skin print stop reading now and go buy something! This is a staple print for Fall / Winter, no questions asked!

Rebecca Taylor F/W 2019

For my business ladies, break out your overly sized suits ma’am, and serve up some justice! I’m talking oversized blazer, oversized trouser, pair it with a dainty blouse that has neck tie or just simply high neck and girl.... SIGN THOSE CHECKS AND MAKE THOSE DEALS! Now the colors I would recommend would be darker solids, matching blazer and pant prints, go for what makes you stand out but in a respectful way! A great piece of accessories to add to this ensemble would be leather gloves for those runs to the nearest coffee shop and what the hell, if you’re feeling real jazzy, why not a wide brim hat for more affect! So I know this all sounds fun in theory, well let’s go on head and put that pen to paper so y’all can see the dramatic effect of what I mean when it comes to suits.

Antonio Berardi F/W 2019
the Aesthetik F/W 2019

Here we have an all over same print suit from Antonio Berardi from his Fall 2019 collection. Now this look is giving MAJOR boss babes vibes, from the dramatic sleeve details on the overcoat to the double breasted blazer. This girl came to slay and drag names as she walks off in her ‘boutins! You know what is even better than this outfit by Berardi? The striped Boss Babe look, that is *ahem* AFFORDABLE by the Aesthetik. She styled the Minette Stripe Bralette ($110) and Grace Stripe Wide Leg Pant ($140) with a simple button down for an off-the-chain look!

Balenciaga F/W 2019

Another killer office look would be this monochromatic look from Balenciaga. Sis out here looking like the Tin Man wish he could but could neva!! The designer house pairs a long sleeve chrome colored silk blouse that is high neck with an extra collar and a matching skirt and to follow, finished it with brand labeled stockings and an embellished pointed toe shoe. Silk doesn’t seem warm from first glance but try wearing silk in the summer. You gone be HAWT! This is a great look for mid-winter. And what better accessories to pair it with than the snow and ice. We want Ice Queens all winter long!

Now, I know I know I know, As great as runway clothing is....it’s a luxury we can’t all afford, but fret not. Since there are so many different looks to serve during this time, Im’ma show y’all two sweaters that’s good for casual outings and office wear. Obvi sweaters are given trend during this time, but let’s not be boring people, if your gonna wear a sweater, THAT BITCH BETTER TALK THEN! the Aesthetik offers 6 different sweaters that all tell different stories. The Nicki Crop Dolman sweater, made of Italian wool, gives you the option of off-the-shoulder or one shoulder stop shop. With a dramatic flair to the sleeves, pair this with a dark jean and solid scarf or a statement necklace and girl, you are ready for your day. If your more of an “I wanna cover up my shoulders” type o’ gal, then the Lantern Sleeve sweater would do you right home girl. We still see the drama in the sleeves, which is what we all want, and either if these sweaters could be yours for the fashion forward price if $110. Want something a bit more traditional ... but NOT!? Go for the Asymmetrical Zip sweater and unzip to show some skin or the button down shirt you layered it with. I understand that not all of us are in cold weather areas, but still want to dress slightly warm for those slightly chilly days. The CiCi scarf (for $75) by the Aesthetik, will give you arms and scarf if a brilliant cobalt blue. Wear it with a tight midi black dress and sneaks or jeans and riding boots, either look will definitely set you apart from the rest. See, we all can be cute cozy without breaking the bank and break our backs!

the Aesthetik F/W 2019

There are so many great looks to do during this time that will keep you fashion forwards AND cozy at the same time. Below I have some inspirational photos that I’m sure will spark up many ideas. You can never go wrong with a wool or tweed poncho, thick dark colored tights (not leggings, we’re not 5), plaid prints, jeans skirts, animal prints, aaaaand leather. Most of all, be versatile in the cold! Fall/ Winter is about maxing out on your layers, mixing colors and prints, and being as brisk as the wind. Smack these street walkers in the face with how good you look girl. There’s more to dressing for cold weather than scarves and sweaters. Don’t forget your accessories either. Just cause you got all a’dis going on, don’t mean we skimping on the extra drama. Be true to yourself but also BE BOLD.....and stay warm. Love y’all! I’m signing off.


Taylor Weaver is a lover of all forms of art and is passionate about fashion. She is currently a student of higher learning working towards her masters in museum studies. She is also an animal lover who’s spirit animal is a fluffy white Mini Pom named Pippa.

21 enero 2020

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