by Madeline Dodson

Linen is an everyday easy-going fabric that you need in your closet! It is a light, airy, yet durable fabric that keeps you cool on these hot summer days. This fabric is made from the flax seed plant which is a natural raw material. It requires no chemicals to grow or to turn it into a wearable fiber thus making linen sustainable, organic, and great for our environment too. With its desirable properties and the fact that sustainable fashion has become popular, this fabric has been all over the runway for quite some time! Designers put their own unique spin on this fabric, for example, Aje used bold patterns and simple silhouettes for their 2020 S/S show, Burberry has a cute and essential bubble dress ($2290.00) to go with everything in your closet, also Gucci brought the fire with a red trench ($4500.00) in their 2015 S/S show.

With many Designers using Linen, it is not hard to find a piece or two that would fit well in your wardrobe. This fabric is not only great for summer but can also flow through any season with ease. I know what you are thinking “what about the fact that it wrinkles easily”. Well, if you are into unique pieces then try metallic linen. That is linen with a shimmer or metallic top coat, this metallic linen has been on the runway just as much and just as long as regular linen plus as it wrinkles it adds more interest to the fabric. So NO IRON NEEDED and it’s a bold, daring, and edgy way to change up the matte linen look. Altuzarra used a gold metallic linen skirt ($1129.00) to make a bold statement on the runway; Tallulah & Poppy has beautiful duo chrome metallic Jacket ($388.00) and Dress ($248.00) from their S/S 2019 collection; and Nicholas K used a shimmer top coat to make his pieces look silky smooth in his S/S 2017 show. Overall, linen can be a great addition to your wardrobe it’s a fabric that caters to everybody and fits well in any scenario.

If you are looking for designer organic and sustainable pieces to fit into your wardrobe there are many options to choose from right here! the Aesthetik has multiple metallic linen pieces, the walking shorts and flare skirt designs have a corset like detailing on the sides that cinch you in and gives a cute and versatile look for an easy wear silhouette! Oh and did I mention everything has POCKETS!? Also, all of the linen pieces that Stacy designed are hemmed with the most perfect zigzag stitching thus bringing beauty and uniqueness to even the smallest of details. Unlike many of the linen outfits/pieces talked-about in this blog she puts lots of style into these linen pieces and has designed them with the idea that you wont need to iron them … EVER. Between the design and the metallic shine these pieces look better slightly wrinkled which highlights the metallic that much more. It is a great thing to see a different take on a classic fabric, which gives this fabric a different vibe perfect for every setting.

Madeline - M.A.D.

One of eleven children, Madeline Dodson is a Texas native who is the guru of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Having graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Design, she is an avid fashion illustrator, art and history buff that currently works as a freelance fashion designer for various labels in New York City.

07 julio 2019

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