by Maira Sanchez

After a girl’s night of wine and an incredible dish of garlic butter chicken, we sat around the table discussing fashion trends. As I mentioned stripes in the conversation, it was like mentioning the ghost of Christmas past! Or your ex-boyfriend with the ugly sweater! I heard the countless views, concerns, and misconceptions of the stripes and their body types. While walking home that evening I couldn’t help but wonder, " Had stripes become the new fashion taboo?"

After spending a few days of having Vouge Runway and the Aesthetik’s spring/summer 2019 collection for breakfast, I wanted to put an end to the stripe taboo.

me blogging ...

Every woman can own the stripe trend and love their body in it! This is how:

Thin vertical stripes should be every woman’s go-to because they work on any body type! This is due to the negative space between the stripes that makes it so flattering. The minimal spacing between the stripes creates an astounding blurring effect to the eye. There by minimizing attention to any undesirable area of the body.

Throw in some diagonal lines to intensify the blurring affect for a chic and edgy look.

Want to draw attention to your bust and/or hips while deemphasizing your waist?! Try adding a stripe vertically down the center front or center back of your body.

This will draw the eye up and down your body thus elongating your figure. The perfect complement to any body shape and height.

the Aesthetik knows the power of lines, and with great finesse, used this strategy in creating the Madame Butterfly Ruffle Top. This is the perfect example of a top that looks good on any silhouette. The diagonal lines down the center draw your gaze down and in, cropping right at the waist (the smallest part of your body), making you look snatched!

The stripes on ruffles add that extra flare to the upper body making it such a versatile piece you can transition from day to night. (For more ruffle advice visit my "Flirt your way into spring" blog post) As your eyes are creating this blurring effect, the vertical side panels of the top keep your eyes grounded with rule number 1. The minimal spacing in between vertical lines. The Madame Butterfly Ruffle top has all 3 elements that blend together for the perfect stripe recipe! Wear stripes alone or combine all elements together. Whatever you do, own your stripes sis!

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See you soon - Meow, M.S.

Maira Sanchez is a New York City transplant by way of Texas. She is a budding fashion designer that has a ridiculous obsessive love of cats … even though she is deathly allergic.

23 junio 2019

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