In our modern world where the word “extra” is very subjective, it can also be said on the runway. Fall/winter 2019 was all about the “Extra”. We saw an abundance of big sleeves, sequin covered dresses, and dramatic silhouettes. However, there is no question that feathers stole the show. Over the top? Yes! But we love it! This look is for the entertainer in all of us because the party don’t start till she walks in!

The feather trend is undoubtably dominating the scene this fall/winter. From colorful and dynamic...

to fearlessly fringed ...

to all over elegance ...

the Aesthetik proudly takes the feather trend a step further to bring you sustainability in a trend you will be honored to flaunt this fall/winter.

Check out these feathery hot pants! Make a daring show stopping entrance in the Faith Feather Cuff Pant. The two-dart pant will have you singing bootylicious all night long! The two-darts emphasizes your booty giving it an instant lift. Show off that peach in three different colors; Pitch Black, Tribeca Blue and Red Hook.

From emphasizing your booty to empathizing your bust, the cowl neck is a great way to draw attention whether large or small. This cowl top has a vertical design element that elongates torso therefore, causing the eye to have no choice but to look you up and down. (hair flip) An insider tip for this top for an instant lift without the need of a bra is boob tape! This is clear, mess free, and did I say, no bra!!

As part of a strong environmentally conscious fashion community, the Aesthetik has built a safe place to indulge in these trends while remaining cruelty free and knowing that no animal is harmed in the making of their garments. They use high-end trimmed cruelty free feathers that are ethically sourced from bird sanctuaries.

What are cruelty free feathers? Glad you asked! They are feathers naturally molted from the bird, meaning these are dead or damaged feathers that have shed off the bird, collected and sterilized for sale. This ethically sourced technique assures no birds were harmed during the collection of feathers. Once shipped and received by us each feather is meticulously placed on each design and revised for quality. Due to the delicacy of these pieces we do recommend you dry clean or hand wash to avoid damaged to the feathers done by a traditional washing machine.

If you are a luxury fashion addict, you no longer have to sacrifice your values for your fashion desires. We source the best quality feathers for our fall/winter looks. Have fun, take a risk and most importantly wear a piece of clothing with a story to help inspire others to take the cruelty free route in fashion. Shop the Aesthetik for these trendy looks.

-Meow. M.S.

Maira Sanchez is a New York City transplant by way of Texas. She is a budding fashion designer that has a ridiculous obsessive love of cats … even though she is deathly allergic.

18 décembre, 2019

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