Hey girl! It’s the holiday season again. That means it is really cold outside and you are supposed to be shopping for those you love ooooor picking up something special for yourself *wink*. Whichever it might be, for those last minute shoppers, I got chu' boo. Here are my holiday gift giving picks that will guarantee that you will be their favorite Aunt, Sister, Cousin or Friend for the next few months.

For The Classy | Shy | Introvert Aunt

I wanna start with my classy, shy, and introverted ladies. You ladies would most likely to go with a look most sleek, yet stylish, and shows off just enough skin; like a peek-a-boo back. As we know from previous blogs, monochromic dressing has been trending all year. To make the mono vibe pop you can accessorize with delicately detailed earrings. For something with a little more bling try the Max Mara earrings with crystals which are one sale for $157 down from $225. Or you could go for the classy sleek vintage look of the Aesthetik’s upcycled 1920’s Glass Amber Drop Earrings priced at $30. Personally I feel that is a steal for a piece that will be 100 years old by next year!

For the Androgynous | Contemporary Cousin

One of my favorite style trends to explore is the andro-contemporary look. There are endless options and combinations to play with. Andro style can be purely masculine or masculine style mixed with softer feminine elements. Create this look by pairing a simple button down with any type of bottom, add that softer feminine touch with bold elements to highlight your feminine features. Such as your waist. The Asymmetrical Hook Belt would add that feminine dimension to any look. The Asymmetrical Hook Belt is hand made from leather and reasonably priced at $45, while the more classic Christian Dior Calfskin Leather Belt w/ Double-G Buckle, is being sold for $450. Add an edgy element to the look with a spear necklace, costing a nice $20.

For the Sexy Friend

We all have that friend that is too sexy for their own good! And that is NOT a bad thing *snap*. Help her out with her over the top sexy look by giving her a classic pearl set with a special twist. the Aesthetik has created a beautifully refined bracelet and earring set up-cycled with 1960's Faux Pearls and contemporary carved Natural Skull beads. The skulls add an interesting spin to the delicate nature of the pearls. The detail is so subtle it adds the perfect edge to any Sexy look. Bracelet, $15 and the earrings are $15.

For the Sassy | Extrovert Sister

I really love the energy that my sassy girls brings when she struts into any room. It's almost a mixture of sexy and classy. Fall looks from the runway show sexy, confident, yet glamorous looks. To bring it all together try giving these Mid- Victorian Sapphire earrings from MarhevCo, with hand engraved details, that are going for $981.43. Everything can be tied together with the studded clutch from The Aesthetik, priced at $30.

For the Alternative | Edgy Niece

Now, let’s not forget about our young and crazy, edgy yet alternative trend setters. For those whose closets cry out with carefree color. Give them a touch of extravagance with the Triple Mink Tassel necklace retailing for $30. Or how about a bit of New York City street wear by gifting the hand made leather Midi Moto Gloves priced at $45. To round off the look a screen printed 100% wool crossbody tote to use as a purse, laptop bag or shopper.

Welcome to the end of my post! I hope I was able to inspire you with different ways to accessorize and as well as gift ideas for those you love. So until next year! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, from Ya girl Jelly!

Jelicia Lloyd lives in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, but her mind and creativity are always in tune with exotic places where fashion happens. She is a recent fashion graduate who freelances as a patternmaker and blog writer to further her career in fashion.

23 décembre, 2019

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