Hello darlings, it’s ya girl Tay.

One of my favorite things about being a woman is the fact that everyday is like playing dress up, well, most days. Okay! Maybe like twice a month but still! What’s more fun and feminine that rolling on mascara, strapping on the perfect heels, and zipping up a killer dress. If you ask me, the best silhouette to have is the one when you turn around. Give them hips! Give them Booty! Give them, back darling! Backless will forever be one of the most feminine, romantic, and sexiest silhouettes!

Why you ask? Let me direct you. It goes with almost any neckline, it’s great for showing off that perfect updo that took you 3 hours to perfect and yet a hair still hangs loose, got back tattoos? Show it off, show it all! Wanna show everyone what all that time in the gym has been for? LOOK AT THOSE MUSCLES GIRL! The list can go on forever but I’m sure you get the point! Most people think that backless outfits can only be reserved for fancy smanchy perfume commercials where the girl breaks the diamonds and it’s looks like it’s raining and she’s running up the stairs, and then, oh! Looks back at the camera, dress cascading down the stairs, flawless back bones, and says some cheesy one liner. BUT IT'S NOT! Ya see, backless is really for any occasion, be it casual or black tie.

As the seasons change, style changes along with it. Spring/summer allows for that glowing skin to be shown off in more ways than shabby tanks and tube tops. Backless tops add a flare that says “I’m cool for the summer” paired with a dramatic statement earring. Fall/Winter is all about family and festive holiday parties. Have an office Christmas party to attend? No need to worry about the being work appropriate. High neck dress in the front with a great backless back drop says business in the front and party in the back, heeeeyyyy!

Some high-end brands have reshaped the thought of backless and have added extra embellishments to spruce it up and shake things around. For example, Ziad Nikad’s F/W 2019 collection showcased beautiful floor length, embellished gowns that too were mostly backless. I say mostly because each backless dress had sheer fabric to hold the intricate climbing beadwork. Each design element was more enchanting than the last and told equally beautiful stories with a wide range of colors.

Another designer that presented backless dresses was Ralph and Russo’s Couture Fall 2019 collection. The entire collection was a dream, to say the least! The brand took fall to a brighter and whiter level! Showcasing garments that literally were ALL WHITE! For fall?! I love it! There was beading EVERYWHERE! I saw silhouettes that ranged from 1920's to 1980's inspired. One of the beaded garments was a midi dress, fully adorned with white and silver beads and two straps that lead to an open back view. Just elegant! Another look that was backless was this little light pink number. It wasn’t fully backless but rather a peek-a-boo and it was perfect! Perfect to wear to a tea party, brunch, or networking event!

Armani Prive
Armani Privè F/W 2019

Even Armani Privè took to the silhouette with a serious WOW factor. As the other brands focused more on the embellishments and colors, this brand had one focus in mind. Ze Back. In an ivory gown, on the back is a marvelous over (OVA) sized bow that accompanies the backless dress. Taking focus off the front and shifting it towards the hind-side. Girl...you wanna turn some heads at the holiday party this year, THAT LOOK SIS!

I know, your probably thinking “But Taylor, all these garments we’ve seen are for black tie events? What if I dont attend formal events?” I gotchu girl, well the Aesthetik gotchu girl! In a royal blue sweater dress. Perfect for any night out with the gal pals or dinner parties. Giving you comfort and class, available to you for just $90, is this rockstar mini sweater knit dress, adorned with sequins and pompom balls and yas gurl, a to-die-for plunging open back. Girl, you betta grab ya man cause this look is stopping errybody at the do’. Pump it up with some thigh high boots and a spike clutch, hunty...HEADS WILL ROLL!

*and might I add, the color conjunction between Sistah’s fire red hair and that royal blue! Ugh! Chills! *heart eyes*

Another great backless look offered but The Aesthetik is this jazzy feathered halter top! OoW! This top is sure to get the heads turning as well! The Monica feathered fringe cowl is offered in 3 colors (or flavors, as I like to call them) Pitch Black, Red Hook, and Tribeca Blue. The top is perfectly trimmed with fiery feathers in the front and dainty straps to better assist in showing off dat back girl! For $100, you’ll want this one of a kind look hanging in yo closest and hanging off that body!

So you might be wondering, well if backless is for any occasion? Is it also for any body type? I am a true advocate for love your body, love your skin and wear what makes you beautiful! And if backless is the look you going for for the occasion, go for it girl! Backless is for everyone! Now....the most important thing to keep in mind with backless is the front. We all have beautifully different shaped boobies that need to be dressed differently. Lucky for you sistah, any front neckline top or dress can be made with a backless silhouette. So imma break it down for y’all real quick so pay attention and keep up!

  • A-cup: Semi-sweetheart, straight across
  • B-cup: asymmetric, off the shoulder
  • C-cup: halter, sweet heart, halter strap
  • D-cup: halter, Queen Anne, halter strap
  • E-Z cup: jewel, bateau, straight across

But always remember, style is subjective to the person who wears the garment!

So ladies, whose going out to buy a backless dress or shirt this week? I hope your hand is raised cause mines always is! I said it once I’ll say it again, backless is for any occasion and it’s most definitely for everybody! It could be jazzed up with embellishments like Ziad Nikad or simple like a light blue and white checkered top, tied at the waist. Wear it for the Holidays or for them Hot days; show off those shoulder blades babe and have all eyes on you.

Later my loves until next time.

I’m out! *mic drop*Taylor

Taylor Weaver is a lover of all forms of art and is passionate about fashion. She is currently a student of higher learning working towards her masters in museum studies. She is also an animal lover who’s spirit animal is a fluffy white Mini Pom named Pippa.

30 december 2019

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