Hey, hey, it’s your girl Madeline! It’s been a while but you know I always come back with some good treats. So let’s get to it, shall we? To all my monochromatic queens, including myself because I wear hella black on black every single day, this is for us. The first blog of the New Year is about monochromatic dressing! And yes! We’ve got all your colors; black on black ,white on white, red on red, blue on blue, etc. etc. So let’s talk about it sis!

The definition of Monochromatic dressing is as follows: containing or using only one color. However, you can also wear Tints, Tones and Shades of said color. You can mix and match various shades of a color or keep with the same exact hue. It’s totally up to you. When I think of monochromatic fashion I think of high-end, upscale, well-dressed fashion forward individuals. Although sophistication comes to mind when thinking of monochromatic dressing that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult or expensive to put together. the Aesthetik’s Fall|Winter 2019 collection shows how easy it is to put together said outfit and still look sophisticated A.F.

Stay on fleek by wearing satin head to toe. Throw on a pop of color with the Monica Feather Fringe Cowl and the Faith Feather Cuff Pant in Red Hook or go for an easy one piece in Tribeca Blue.

Besides being sophisticated it is also trending on the runway let me tell you the fall/winter collections were just packed with monochromatic fashion from Chanel to Rag and bone to everybody in between. From day time casual to night time chic, the runway was filled with tons of outfits in every color you can imagine and even patterns on patterns; like that is pure genius. Rag and bone mixed monochromatic colored patterns by pairing a cobalt blue floral dress with a chunky knit plaid scarf. Antonio Berardi designed a black and white plaid suit with matching jacket that is to die for! He took this trend to the next level by using the plaid as a color and draping the model from head to toe in it. The great thing about the runway fall/winter was a lot of them were mixing textures and different fabrics as well! Like Chanel paired a feathered skirt with a chunky knit and it was an all white affair. It made the ensemble scream texture, texture, texture! Alice and Olivia did the same by putting a purple plush velvet blazer with with a shiny sleek satin trouser. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your textures and patterns it helps your outfit and brings in some dimension to the look!

All in all everybody should have at least one or two monochromatic outfits in their wardrobe or even a fully monochromatic wardrobe because if you think about it you can mix and match and make so many outfits, which is amazing. So get yourself a monochromatic outfit; heck get yourself eight monochromatic outfits and don’t be afraid to add texture, patterns, and bright colors, because you will look sophisticated and mad cool ( As the New Yorkers say) in every outfit you wear!

SOOOO, you know I always got you covered I’m gonna tell you where you can buy your first monochromatic outfit!!! Can you guess girl? That’s right from the Aesthetik because she has tons of stuff you can mix-and-match ie: colors, and patterns. So what are you waiting for!? You’ve earned an outfit or two, so get yourself out there and be that monochromatic queen I know you can be.

Until next time, you better slay every single day!!


One of eleven children, Madeline Dodson is a Texas native who is the guru of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Having graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Design, she is an avid fashion illustrator, art and history buff that currently works as a freelance fashion designer for various labels in New York City.

08 januari 2020

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