Hey girl! Its ya' girl Jelly and I am back again with another trendy topic. Now when it comes to Feminine takes on Masculine silhouettes I am definitely no stranger to the concept. So the very second the trend re-surfaced again I just had to explore all the styles, silhouettes, and new concepts.

There are three things to keep in mind when creating this look; color, silhouette, and style. These things can make or break the look you are going for; so pay close attention to the details girl!

Let’s just jump right into the subject by starting with the color palette. Based off the Men’s fashion and style, the majority of the color schemes are Neutral or Mono-Chromatic. The Neutral and Mono-Chromatics creates the mood of sleek, sexy, and sophisticated. These color palettes will also make it easier to add accents of color into the look.

the Aesthetik

But I’m not going to drag the convo on monos, we must have a chat about the bold color pops that have been making it way on the fashion scene. I’ve been seeing reds, bright blues, and some bright orange. The bright colors in fall and winter are a bit unusual but they make for an excellent fashion statement. Adding in the pops of vibrant colors will keep your look lively. You for sure shouldn’t be afraid to play around with color combos and silhouettes to create a more sexy contemporary look.

Pairing fitted more feminine items with loose pieces will add more depth to your look. Maybe you have curves and you want to highlight them? Take a more fitted top and pair it with a a loose fitting bottom, add some cute heels, and of course a belt and BAM it's a look girl! And we can’t leave out accessories. Let’s just chat about the feminized necktie and the boldness it will add to your entire look when paired with a sleek button-down shirt and satin trouser.

the Aesthetik

Although the Fem. take on Mas. looks has been a 'thing' forever, oversized silhouettes have endless possibilities. Keep the look chic with an oversized trouser styled with a fitted top and large belt. The top and belt will accent your curves and avoid the look of being eaten by too much fabric.

I recently discovered the belted oversized blazer from my friend Taylor. Now the concept of the blazer has multiple ways being styled. Pairing the blazer with a fitted pair of ripped jeans for a casual Fall look. Switching the jeans to a slim fitting pair of trousers will take your cute and casual to boss business woman. You can also mix it up a little by sporting a skirt with the blazer look. The skirt will add the feminine aspect to your look which will balance everything out.

This is the part of the blog were I say “It would be an absolute shame if I left out curvy women!” And they cheer, I mean they go wild for team curvy. But seriously don’t worry, I got ch'u girl!

As a curvy woman I finding the proper silhouette style Fem-Mas can be a bit of a pain. I’ve learned pairing the right top with the correct bottoms is the major key to solving the puzzle. The simple details will make or break the overall look. My number one tip with trouser is to make sure they are the correct length for you. Too long and they look like they don’t belong to you. Trousers that fit the hip and tapered were the best fit for me, because they didn’t gap in the back. Another thing is Fitted trousers that are cropped will make for a better look and fit with layering. Styling the cropped shirt with a high-waist trousers can be another look to try out. The high-waist will highlight your figure, will keeping the feminine feel to your look. Another really chic look that will accentuate your waistline is the singe-waist or belting. It is also a beautiful combination of the dress and the blazer.

Since we’re on the topic of the blazer, let me just touch on the flyest combo of the bralette, button-down shirt and blazer, styled with a stripe pants. Girl can you see all that beautiful, magnificent layering going on! Not only are we rocking the Mas -Fem feels, but the level of details is apparent! The layering will balance out both the look of masculine and feminine, so this look is the perfect combination for someone that’s wanting a more balanced feel.

It is most definitely fall time, the time where you can get your layering on and have fun with different silhouettes and styles. The most important thing to remember when trying out different styles and trends is to make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear. Keep it YOU and nothing else!!

Until the next blog post, this is Jelly saying "No matter what you must slay all day!"

Jelicia Lloyd lives in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, but her mind and creativity are always in tune with exotic places where fashion happens. She is a recent fashion graduate who freelances as a patternmaker and blog writer to further her career in fashion.

18 november 2019

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