Can you remember the last time you stared at your closet with nothing to wear? Whether this happens to you once a week or every other month, I will help you vamp up one of your looks by using just one accessory ... a necklace!

the Aesthetik F/W 2019

Step into the world of accessories. Since the 14thcentury the statement necklace has had the ability to transform any look. Just like that fabulous statement piece in your closet, a statement necklace is unique and attention grabbing. This can be a big, glam, chunky necklace the size of Texas (for all the “extra” Queens out there) or a nice dainty necklace in your favorite metallic or color.

the Chunky Staple

The chunky necklace is a classic sophisticated statement. This necklace is perfect for a day in the office or an errand day in the city. It is a loud bold piece that will speak for your outfit. Wear it in a metallic or bold color. Versatility is key, as it can be worn with many different necklines. Add attention to a low neckline like Chanel or a turtleneck like Jean Paul Gaultier on the fall/winter 2020 runway. However, be aware, pairing other bold accessories alongside this necklace can become very busy and distracting. Keep it light, simple and classy.

the Choker

Another classic we have seen since the beginning of fashion's history makes a comeback on the runway this season. Alexander McQueen paired it with an ideal V-neck. This look is often suggested to be styled with low necklines, however, beware while paring the choker with necklines that come above the collar bone as it can give an illusion of a shorter neck and unbalance the top half of your body. This look is ideal for a day or night out with the girls. It is fun, flirty, and mysterious. Also, it is a great way to blend your masculine and feminine energy.

the Tie Necklace

The necklace tie is for the bold feminist who is not afraid of expressing her masculine energy. The classic tie gives a whole new vibe to an office look. Transform a regular office or meeting day by pairing this unique tie necklace with your power suit or skirt. Keep the necklines high for a chic sophisticated look. Here at The Aesthetik we love our fashionistas created this look at a very affordable price. Check out the online boutique, browse our one-of-a-kind selections and shop our latest tie sales.

the Bold yet Dainty

Love to play with color and pattern but find it a difficult task to accessorize? Here is where the bold and dainty comes into play. It’s the opposite of the chunky and choker necklace. This necklace has a line long or short chain and is finished off with a bold color or metallic pendant. This was one of the most popular looks on the runway this season with designers such as Givenchy, Marni, Chloe, Barbra Bui sending them down the runway.

This accessory can be paired with any color, any print, any neckline or layered with any piece. This is the most versatile out of all the necklace families. Keep it sweet and simple or make a statement, the choice is really yours with this look. Because we always have you covered; we feature unique one-of-a-kinds and upcycled bold yet dainty pieces to add to your vintage collection.

Take your look from ordinary to extraordinary and add a statement necklace to your neck look! Stay trendy, stay positive and shop your Aesthetik.

-Meow. M.S.

Maira Sanchez is a New York City transplant by way of Texas. She is a budding fashion designer that has a ridiculous obsessive love of cats … even though she is deathly allergic.

09 december 2019

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