I have come to accept that an unfortunate result of being primarily house bound is my lack of desire to put effort into my outfits and the overwhelming desire to be comfortable. I mean, where are we going realistically? To get coffee or run errands; brunch with the girls is few and far between. Thus I am not interested in spending a ton on revamping my wardrobe for this Fall Season. Thankfully there is a way to update your wardrobe, get you looking effortlessly stylish and inspire fashion envy in others!

One major thing I learned over the years is that every good outfit starts with a solid base. The criteria being pieces must fit well, be in a timeless silhouette, and be made of quality fabrics. The key here is for the fit to be on point and the fabric is quality; no pills, fade marks, or holes. In this case, our base pieces are a solid wash jean or, my personal-go-to, a comfy ponte knit pant. Then top with a basic fitted tank in a fashion pop color. Staple items like these you should always purchase in multiple colors, starting with neutrals. You will find that these items are wearable and style-able for wear year round.

Next, depending on the weather, layer with an oversized blazer to run errands, a skinny belted or knotted button down shirt for zoom meetings, or an oversized crop for casual outings. Then finish the look off with a wow accessory. A flowing headscarf tied as a head band or an eye catching necklace. And if you are leaving the house don’t forget to ditch the "dad trainers" for a quirky yet comfortable flat or an iconically stylish sneaker.

Your go-to accessories are earrings, necklaces, scarves, and belts. These should fit into one of two categories; understated casual elegance and/or statement pieces. Like shoes, you can never own too many. These items you should own in a variety of colors and styles that compliment your face shape, daily hair style and overall silhouette. The basic concept is if your base outfit is neutral add bold accessories to contrast and visa versa, if your look is bold then top with subtle accessories. One thing to watch out for is that accessories that fit into the delicate or subtle category should be stacked to make the outfit look purposeful.

Kind of scared of color or not ready to make the commitment of purchasing a bold accessory? Then start small by committing to multiple pieces with clean lines in a neutral base color like tan, navy or grey or in a base material like wood or silver. The more delicate the piece the more you can wear at once (this is called stacking). Be aware that statement pieces in black can quickly make an outfit look like cocktail wear rather than casually stylish. Use the solid tank in a contrasting pop color to draw the eye. (And keep comfy by wear your PJ bottoms to the zoom meetings.)

The other pandemic wardrobe issue you might face is deciding what to wear to zoom meetings? Try a large brightly patterned scarf used as a head wrap and paired with delicate yet bold earring studs or subtle dangles. This will draw attention to your face and present the image of an engaged and enthusiastic employee. For full coverage hair scarf styles consider wearing with a fringe of bangs or exposed tendrils that will frame your face. It will soften the over all look of the head wrap! Check out the links below for styling tips......

Trust me, this is the easiest way to stand out among the workout wardrobe wearing former fashionistas. Proof is in the compliments! Bottom line; it's easy to look good with little effort and no one has to know.


With that, I am off to create and stay comfy. I hope you do the same but this time with style! Stacy

Stacy Williams is the owner and designer of the Aesthetik. After many years of working in the NYC fashion industry, she relocated back to her home state of Texas and is now a professor of fashion. She lives in a quiet Texas suburb with her husband, a naked dog, a buff colored tabby cat, a new puppy and lots of plants.

20 septiembre 2021

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