Whether we are into them or not, masks are quickly becoming the “newest fashion trend” of 2020. You can bet my life’s savings (which isn’t much) that I wasn’t going to be caught dead wearing an ugly mask outside. After all, if for some rare occasion I get to leave the house, of course I want to look good doing so, even if half of my face is covered …aaaaaaand you probably can’t even tell who I am.

One thing I know is that this country is in love with their monthly subscription services. So much so that there is even one for dogs to get new toys every single month, I mean come on, there is a real opportunity here! If the need to wear masks does go on for months and we’re forced to wear them after the lockdowns have been lifted, someone should really start a monthly subscription service to get cute masks delivered monthly. Wait, I call dibs on that idea!

Until someone funds my genius idea, one way to get your cute mask fix right now is to reach out to our very own, the Aesthetik, as Stacy is hard at work every day. Masks are being sold for only $10 each and 100% of that money is being used to buy supplies to make donation masks for medical personnel and essential workers; a buy one give one if you will. Brooks Army Medical Center, Walgreens Pharmacy, Encompass Health, and The South Texas Cardiology Specialists, are just some of the few medical professionals that the Aesthetik has been able to donate to. So far she has been able to donate over 700 masks in one month! And all of this is due to your purchases. In fact, why don’t you go buy another six more; one for every day of the week? We both know you’re not going to be washing the same mask every day. If having the same mask as everyone else is not your thing, she is now making custom designed masks too. So, get as creative as you want for just $20 or buy one of the limited edition masks for $15. Purchases and donation requests can be made via the Aesthetik’s facebook page. The masks are not even listed for sale on the website because they are going so quickly!

COMME des GARÇONS and other designers such as Off-White have come out with their own version of a high fashion mask. COMME des GARÇONS spring/summer 19 collection was an outrageous, and frankly a little too "eccentric", take on the unknowable future. Clearly inspired by wild animals, you have to be some sort of "eccentric" in order to wear those masks, Covid or no Covid. On the other hand, you can catch me and every other millennial trying to cop their more subtle mask from Off-White.

There are parts of the world who are slowly trying to open back up. Small retailers are taking all the precautions necessary by marking those “6 feet apart” lines. While I applaud them for doing so, but if I’m being honest, if I see a top from across the store that I really want, and I see someone else eyeing it too, I’m breaking that six feet apart rule in order to get it. I’m finally back out in society, after being locked inside for months; and I’m able to wear something other than the same three sets of sweatpants that I own, that top is mine. I’m kidding, kind of, but I definitely not suggesting you follow in my footsteps. I may have some genius ideas from time to time, but also have many, many moments of weakness, especially when it comes to fashion.

Fernanda Cortina is a soon-to-be fashion graduate that divides her time between Houston and Mexico City. When not traveling around the world she is perfecting the art of sarcasm. She is about as sarcastic as they come and loves to joke around 99.9% of the time; so don't take anything she says too seriously.

29 abril 2020

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